Pain relief treatment that really works straight away!

pain relief treatment


By Princeler Cooke, Massage Therapist


Hello everyone! My name is Princeler Cooke, Prince for short, and I’m the Massage & Laser Therapist at Wellbeing Chiropractic Health Centre. When I first started working here, I was introduced to a machine called Lightforce Laser Therapy, for me this was something new, I’ve heard of laser therapy used in clinics for cosmetic purposes, but this machine is used for pain relief.

So, what is a Lightforce laser you might ask? This is where I start getting a little bit technical.

The laser machine is a proven medical treatment, used widely by many professional athletes, such as rugby players and football players. This machine uses a focused light beam to stimulate a process called ‘photobiomodulation’, during this process the photons enter the tissue, interacting with the cytochrome C complex within the cell, more specifically the mitochondria, which is also known as the ‘power house’ of the cell. This interaction leads to a decrease of pain and inflammation, a reduction of muscle spasms and speeds up the healing process of the affected tissue.


I have used this wonderful machine on many patients, also on my own shoulders and neck, which are usually tense after a busy day at work, the laser not only reduced my aches and pains, but I also felt a lot looser. It’s quite unbelievable this treatment works so quickly and is totally painless! The laser does more than I ever expected.

This machine has also been a life changer for many of my patients, who have endured months, if not years, of excruciating pain from their injuries or conditions. Just like myself, they too felt a significant improvement in their pain level, usually starting from the first session and progressively improving after each time, and it’s something I could see from the way they would struggle to walk upstairs at first, then as time went on their pain and restricted mobility eased, they would make the same journey downstairs as if the pain was never there. Lightforce laser can be used as one off pain relief treatment with acute conditions but we recommend a course of 5-6 treatments to see results with more chronic conditions, after which your pain would reduce and you could use it as drug free, healthier pain management tool afterwards.

Therefore, because of these amazing results this machine gives and the smiles I have seen on my patients, I encourage anyone that is dealing with acute or chronic injuries to give Lightforce Laser Therapy a try today!


You can book it online at or call us on 01604 422488

Pain relief treatment that really works straight away!

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