Best Christmas Gift!

By Magda Ballentine MChiro M Sport Science CCEP 

Yes, it’s that time of the year, Christmas is quickly approaching, you are starting to panic because you need to think about buying the perfect Christmas present, and this time you will not leave it to the last minute…. like you did last year!

gift vouchers
Christmas gift voucher

Well, if you are struggling to find that amazing gift, then we might just have the solution for you!

We all have a friend or family member who you know will be sitting at Christmas dinner, fidgeting as they have a bad neck, bad back or headaches? They are annoyed because nothing seems to fix the problems, they’ve tried everything, and now it is starting to is affect your festive celebrations?
This year, think about who that person could be and instead of spending money on something they will never use, why don’t you buy them voucher for an Initial Consultation & Treatment with a Chiropractor at £60? Or if they suffer with elbow/wrist/ knee or shoulder pain, then we have the very latest Lightforce Class IV Laser Treatment at only £30 per session, alternatively you can treat them to a Deep Tissue Massage, which is great for anyone with tension, stress and tight muscles, this is £45 for a 40min treatment….if you really like the person then why not combine 2-3 treatments if you really want to make it a special gift?

In our profession we often hear people say… ‘I wish I’d found you earlierWhy did nobody tell me about Chiropractic when I was younger’ or ‘I’ve never heard of Lightforce Laser, but it really works’

Our aim is to help you feel better, but we also want to teach you how to be healthier in the long term, but we need your help….we would love you to tell others about us, let them know your own amazing story about how Chiropractic changed your life, how the Lightforce Laser helped with your pain, or how the Deep Tissue Massage made you feel more relaxed than ever before!

If you want to help your family and friends during this Christmas holiday, then give them the gift of Wellness, no more chocolate, slippers or pyjamas…it’s time to be more creative and allow them to experience something that could be life changing.

To buy gift voucher online visit our ‘Fees‘ page on our website.


Best Christmas Gift!

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