Healing is a PROCESS…not an EVENT!


By Magda Ballentine MChiro M Sports Science CCEP

Have you been suffering with aches, pains or symptoms for months or even years, then visited you’re a Doctor, Health Practitioner or Therapist and expected everything to be fixed within 1-2 appointments?
We hear miracle stories of one treatment and the pain disappeared, then you also expect this will be the case for you but get frustrated when you don’t see immediate results.
Our body is amazing, it can heal cuts, bruises, and even broken bones, but it requires time and the right environment to allow the repair process to begin.

We must take responsibility for our own health, have a good balanced diet, take regular exercise, maintain good posture, correct amount of sleep, avoid too much physical or emotional stress, use meditation or controlled breathing, have positive thoughts.
Do you take the time to read and learn new skills? It is important to stimulate the brain, surround yourself with positive, like minded and supportive friends and family, this will help to motivate you and in time will improve your overall wellbeing.
Doctors, therapists and practitioners are here to advise, support and help you where possible, but let’s not forget you also have to put in the work and be determined to make a change, you cannot expect to do nothing between appointments and expect miraculous changes. It was Einstein who said, the definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again but expect different results!

Plan your future today by swapping your bad habits, and make brand new good habits, move more, eat fresh unprocessed fruit and vegetables each day, spend at least 10 minutes a day outside in the sun to get Vitamin D, take supplements such as Vitamin C to boost your immunity, meditate to calm you down, stay positive and happy. Check your spine, keep good posture even if you sit all day at a computer, get up regularly and move around, have a regular massage, these small changes will make a big difference to your overall health in the long term.
if you take care of your body and mind then you will heal faster, but be patient, this is a long-term plan not a short-term fix.

Chiropractic could be your first step to becoming healthier, taking care of your spine, which protects your spinal cord and nervous system, will show you how great you can feel.
Chiropractors will educate you about supplementation and exercise. We will guide you on the path to a better, healthier life, but as we said earlier, you need to be patient! … we believe that you can do it, so isn’t it about time you also started to believe in yourself too?
If you are ready to change your life, then contact us on 01604 422488 and book your Initial Consultation and Examination, or you can visit our website www.wellbeing-chiropractic.co.uk where you can read more about the services we offer and book your first visit online.
The most important part of succeeding at anything in life…is to Show up.

Healing is a PROCESS…not an EVENT!

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