My Shoulder Hurts and I Don’t Even Play Sport?

My shoulder hurts and I don’t even play sport

My Shoulder Hurts and I Don’t Even Play Sport?

Written by Magda Bispo (MChiro) Chiropractor at Wellbeing Chiropractic in Northampton.

Forward shoulder misalignment (also known as: Anterior Humerus Subluxation)

Yes I know it all sounds complicated, but we are talking about the shoulder, which is one of the largest and most complex joints in the human body and can be affected by trauma injuries, frozen shoulder, arthritis etc, but did you know that your posture can also have a significant effect on this joint?

During Forward Shoulder Misalignment the upper part of the biggest bone in a shoulder called  ’head of the humerus’ slides across and forward on the shallow joint surface, but does not actually move out of the joint (ie: dislocate).

In my practice this condition is becoming more prevalent on a daily basis, with many patients complaining of shoulder pain but without any specific history of trauma.

This condition usually presents with pain on the front of the humeral head (which is the round bit of the bone right at the front/top of your shoulder).  This condition restricts the patient’s range of movement, therefore when raising (abducting) the arm to the side and above the head there is a feeling that you are not able to fully complete this movement, as if your joint is not able to move any further, often this is associated with pain in the joint. Are you testing yourself now? If so then great, why don’t you also stand in front of the mirror and check if one or both of your shoulders are rolled forward and positioned in-front of your body (similar to image in Figure 1 )there could also be some tenderness at the outer (lateral) edge of your shoulder blade/muscles, which is an indication of muscle strain.

If you have checked and confirmed this condition in one or both of your shoulders, then you should think about visiting a chiropractor to have an assessment and discuss how best to treat this condition.

The most important rule when it comes to a shoulder problem is ‘time matters’…don’t wait until it becomes a chronic condition (more than 3 months old) as the body will start to compensate and create scar tissue, which will make it more difficult to heal.

As a Chiropractor, we will not only look at your shoulder, but also check your spine and surrounding muscles/joints to understand the root cause and treat accordingly.

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My Shoulder Hurts and I Don’t Even Play Sport?

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