Headaches Are Not Normal!

Headaches Are Not Normal

Headaches Are Not Normal!

Written by Magda Bispo chiropractor and the owner of Wellbeing-Chiropractic in Northampton UK.

“Yes I suffer with headaches but these are normal right?”

I can hear this sort of comment at least once a week in my practice. No, they are not normal. Headache is a symptom, and symptom is something our body creates in order to get our attention because something is wrong.

Most of you do not even know that poor posture or injury causes misalignment in the neck (called subluxation) which then can lead to cervicogenic headaches.

We all have heard of migraines, tension-type headaches etc., but cervicogenic headache is a different story.  It is a story about a neck disorder or lesions.

Most headaches are associated with neck pain and stiffness and that is a scientific fact *, so it should be a no brainer to think that the spine could have great influence in creating one.

Throughout my practice, I have experienced many miraculous disappearances of the headaches after a course of chiropractic adjustments. Adjusting the spine removes the tension from the spinal cord, clears the nervous pathways and your body does the rest.

It’s worth trying; even if your headache isn’t this type of headache your body will benefit from chiropractic care. Chiropractic works on so many different levels, because it affects your nervous system which is responsible for every cell, tissue and organ in your body.

If you are not sure and would like to ask me more questions please email me at [email protected], you can also call me on 07745421788.

Painkillers remove the symptoms, but we want to find the reason your body creates headaches and find a way to reduce them. Being in pain is not normal… at least not in my dictionary.

Magda Bispo

Doctor of Chiropractic


  • Kaniecki RG. Migraine and tension –type headache: an assessment of challenges in diagnosis. Neurology. 2002;58 (9Suppl 16):S15-S20
Headaches Are Not Normal!

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