Wellbeing Chiropractic Video Testimonial – Clark Tracey

Wellbeing Chiropractic Video Testimonial – Clark Tracey

Jazz drummer Clark Tracey shares his Wellbeing Chiropractic story:

Clark has been coming to Wellbeing Chiropractic for treatments, for about 7 years. He says: “I started seeing Magda about 7 years ago when my back collapsed and I have been seeing her on a regular basis ever since. I have gone from seeing her 3 times a week and I am very happy to say it is down to just once a month now and that is keep me in check so I can walk around and not feel like I am in danger just by moving simply. I have always put all my faith and trust in Magda and her abilities!”

Thank you, Clark, for sharing your Chiropractic story with us!

Chiropractic helps the body to naturally repair itself, hence the reason why this therapy has been found very beneficial for people suffering from symptoms of back pain, mechanical neck pain, cervicogenic headaches, shoulder pain and sciatica.

Who Can Benefit from Chiropractic Care?

  • Adults working in one position for 8+ hours a day can develop mechanical disorders.
  • Office workers who sit at a desk and stare at a computer all day, which can lead to forward head carriage, poor posture, back pain and cervicogenic headaches.
  • Pregnant women may benefit from an increase in both relaxation and wellbeing.
  • The Elderly, when we age, we lose flexibility in the spine and joints of the body.

As a profession, we are providing a unique and effective service to those who need it most and are ready to make a positive step toward better health. Find out more about Wellbeing Chiropractic care by clicking here.

Booking an Appointment with Wellbeing Chiropractic

Your first appointment with Wellbeing Chiropractic will take approx. 45-60 minutes and will include Chiropractic Examination, Report of Findings, and First Treatment (if there are no contradictions). The aim of chiropractic treatment is to re-educate your body to stay in its optimal alignment. Therefore, a suitable treatment plan may be advised according to the requirements of the individual. To find out more about what is involved during your first Chiropractic session and to review our fees, please click here.


Wellbeing Chiropractic Video Testimonial – Clark Tracey

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