Is your Christmas turning into Stress-mas?

Is your Christmas turning into Stress-mas

Is your Christmas turning into Stress-mas?

Written by Magda Bispo M(chiro) chiropractor at Wellbeing Chiropractic in Northampton.

Have you ever felt pain in your back when putting up the Christmas tree? Or did you feel a twinge between your shoulders when wrapping all those presents or putting them under the tree?

December is a very busy month for everyone. That run up to Christmas Day can be tiring and stressful, with all the shopping, decorations, pressure at work to meet deadlines before the end of the year…and of course those long dark nights and cold weather to contend with!

Put this all together and it’s no surprise you suffer with a headache, or back pain.

So why are we reacting like this to emotional stress and seasonal changes? Why does our spine internalise this stress and present itself as pain?

Our spine not only keeps our body upright, but most of all protects our spinal cord (the bundle of nerves which carries all the information from our brain to the rest of the body).

Stress affects the nervous system; if you have misalignments in the spine this can affect its function. Over time the body will try to adapt, but this can cause degenerative changes, postural abnormalities and your body could start to tell you something is wrong by raising an alarm for you to take notice. This could be in the form of pain, tingling, stiffness or even numbness.

If your boss is pushing you to your limit, causing you stress and worry…. a headache or backache could be waiting around the corner.

So how can you protect yourself from December Stress-mas??

-Keep moving and exercise regularly.

-Dress up accordingly; make sure you wear proper shoes and a hat.

-Visit your chiropractor to check if your spine is in good shape for Christmas.

With New Year resolutions fast approaching, why don’t you get a head start, make December the month when your journey to health begins?!

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Is your Christmas turning into Stress-mas?

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