New massage therapist alert!

Meet Peri, who is a Massage and Sports Rehab Therapist. She has BSc in Sports Rehabilitation and Conditioning from Northampton University. Peri is also a member of BASRaT  (British Association of Sports Rehabilitation).  With over 5 years of experience in clinical and athletic settings. She has worked with diverse athletes, including the Northampton Saints Rugby […]

The Physical Impact of a Desk Job

Many of us find ourselves spending a significant portion of the day sitting at a desk, if you add another few hours of driving, then sitting in-front of the TV and your mobile phone, you can see that this modern sedentary lifestyle comes at a significant cost. Prolonged periods of sitting can take a toll on our […]

New Year Fitness Goals

Written by Sam Dunn  Sports Massage Therapist BSc Sport & Exercise Science, MSc Strength and Conditioning Every January many people will plan to get back into shape or ramp up their fitness regime to try and improve their health and wellbeing. As commendable as this is, it often leads to a short burst of commitment […]


Written by Sam Dunn Sports Massage Therapist Hi everyone, my name is Sam and I’ve recently started working as a Massage Therapist at Wellbeing Chiropractic Health Centre. I come from a sporting background and I’m keen to talk to you about the benefits of Massage Therapy. Most people will be familiar with Massage as a […]

Do I Need A Massage?

Do I Need A Massage? People generally think Massage is a luxury, an indulgence that you treat yourself to once a year or on a special occasion, however this type of therapy has many amazing benefits and should be incorporated regularly into your lifestyle if you want to achieve overall wellbeing. Our bodies change with […]

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