Chiropractic Treatment and Fees

Day 1: Chiropractic Consultation and Examination: approx 30-40 min

Day 2 : Report of Findings, and First Treatment: approx. 30-min

Day 1 and Day 2 – £55 (deposit required at time of booking).

Chiropractic Follow up Treatments:
 approx. 10-15min – £40
Re-examination and treatment (after 12 treatments): 30min – £50

Children  10-18 years old: Chiropractic examination, Report of Findings,  and Treatment : £40
Follow up Treatments: £30
Re-exam and Treatment: £40


Wellbeing Deep Tissue Massage 40 min – £45

Wellbeing Deep Tissue Massage Package x5 – £210


Wellbeing De-stress Massage 60min – £55

Wellbeing De-stress Massage Package x5 – £250


Lightforce Cold Laser session 5-7min – £30

Lightforce Cold Laser Package x6 – £160


Written reports, letters : £10

Payments: All major cards accepted, Cash, Cheques, BACS.

card payments accepted




Wellbeing-Chiropractic is registered with Private Health Care Providers: Cigna, Pru-health, Simply Health (HSA), WPA , Aviva and Health Shield.

Initial Treatment Plan

1 examination
12 treatments
1 re-examination

Usual price £505 – Package price £455*

*Terms and Condition apply.

Wellbeing Treatment Plan

12 treatments
1 re-examination**

Usual price £490 – Package price £445*.

*Terms and Condition apply.

Chiropractic Treatment and FeesWhat should you expect during your first session?

The chiropractor will:

• Take a full case history in order to establish your general health.
• Gain your permission for physical examination involving orthopaedic tests and neurological screening.
• Assess your posture and spine.
• Refer you for x-ray or back to GP if necessary.
• The Chiropractor will explain to you his/her Report of Findings including rationale of care, any potential benefit or risk of care before outlining a treatment schedule.

•Chiropractor will educate you about the form of chiropractic  treatment  you will receive and you will be asked to sign the consent to treatment and care.


The aim of chiropractic treatment is to re-educate your body to stay in its optimal alignment. Therefore, a suitable treatment plan may be advised according to requirements of the individual.

How might you feel after treatment?
There is a possibility that your body will react to treatment. These could be a  feeling of stiffness, tiredness, general ache, or being light headed,which should subside within 24 hours. Please consult your chiropractor if you are concerned with the way you react. Our chiropractors will always follow up after your first adjustments to check how you are  feeling.



How does chiropractic work?
Your body has the ability to self-heal. For example, when you cut your finger it will heal itself! If your body’s nervous system is functioning well, the self-healing process works well. Sometimes misaligned vertebrae, or fixated joints can affect the way the nervous system works, which could interrupt the ability of your body to fight illnesses and remain healthy. A chiropractor’s aim is to remove those interferences by using chiropractic adjustments.

What is a chiropractic adjustment?
It’s an art of using hands (or an instrument), to apply a low amplitude- high velocity thrust in a specific direction to remove fixations of the joints and move the parts of the body into the correct position. Chiropractic adjustment can improve spinal function.

Can my GP refer me to a chiropractor?
A chiropractor is a primary care provider in the UK so you don’t need to ask your GP for a referral. You can simply book an appointment with chiropractor directly.

Is the treatment painful?
Chiropractic has a range of different adjustments from the gentle McTimoney technique to Diversified treatment.
None of the techniques cause pain, although patients in acute stages of certain conditions might experience some post treatment discomfort. Speak to your chiropractor and he/she will choose the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs.

How many treatments will I need?
   It all depends on the condition, age and severity of the complaint. The aim is to re-educate the body to stay in that optimal best alignment, so time required varies from person to person.

Would I need an x-ray?
In some cases the chiropractor may refer you to obtain some imaging in order to determine the reason for your condition. You will be given a choice if you want to proceed with this sort of investigation.


If you have more questions email us: [email protected]


*Terms: In the event of cancellation of the treatment plan, all treatments and examination costs up to that date  will be charged at the standard price.

** Re-examination will be performed once a year.