Magda Ballentine (Bispo)  M Chiro M Sport Science CCEP

chiropractors Magda Northampton ChiropractorMagda is an advocate of wellbeing. She believes that a positive attitude can help you achieve your goals in life.
She was born in Poland and moved to UK in 2003.
Magda used to be an athlete, and then became a fitness instructor and PE teacher. Sport and general fitness plays a significant part in her daily life.
Aged 14 she was diagnosed with scoliosis (this is a lateral curve in the spine) and only in 2005, when she discovered chiropractic, was her back pain and discomfort diagnosed and corrected. Chiropractic changed her life and she decided to change careers and train to be a Chiropractor, so she could also help others realise there is an alternative method of treatment for some types of pain and improving overall health and wellbeing.
In 2008 Magda created Wellbeing – Massage as a Deep Tissue Massage Therapist. After 5 years of studying in Oxfordshire she qualified as a Chiropractor and Wellbeing  Chiropractic was born.
If you live in East Hunsbury or the surrounding areas you will see her running through the parks, cycling in the countryside, taking care of cats, or enjoying time in the allotment growing organic fresh food.
Magda has previously worked in Hemel Hempstead, Cranfield, Milton Keynes and a clinic in West London before moving Wellbeing   Chiropractic to Northampton in 2016.
Magda has a great sense of humour; she will keep you at ease during the chiropractic adjustments and be on hand to guide you to healthier and better life.
Her mission is to help people within the community to realise that health is something that comes from the inside out and not the outside in. Your body is amazing and she wants to help you keep it in its best, optimal and healthy form.

Dave Ballentine M Chiro CCEP

chiropractors dave northampton chiropractorDave is originally from County Durham and first encountered Chiropractic after suffering a neck injury whilst playing Rugby, which prevented him from working for several weeks. He managed to find a local chiropractor and immediately noticed a significant improvement in the symptoms, which proved to be a pivotal point in his life, making the decision to switch from a career as an Automotive Design Engineer to fulfill his dream of becoming a Chiropractor.

He achieved his Masters of Chiropractic Degree in Oxfordshire in 2012 and started working at clinics in North London and St Albans.

Dave is an active person who enjoys many different sports and has trained in Martial Arts from a young age, competing in regional and national tournaments; he also enjoys Rugby and has completed several Olympic Distance Triathlons.

Dave is passionate about Chiropractic and takes pride in offering the very best care and advice for his patients; he enjoys helping people of all ages and likes to encourage you to take an active role in your own health and wellbeing. Dave has a good knowledge of exercise as a way of improving strength, posture and to help with recovery from injury.