Chiropractic consultation: Chiropractic Treatment and Fees10 min – Free
Chiropractic Examination and First Treatment: approx. 45min – £45
Chiropractic Follow up Treatments: 10-15min – £35
Re-examination and treatment (after 12 treatments): 35min – £50

Children 4-18 years old: Chiropractic examination and Treatment : £35
Follow up Treatments: £25
Re-exam and Treatment: £40

Payments: Cash, Cheques, BACS.

Wellbeing-Chiropractic is registered with Private Health Care Providers: Cigna, Pru-health, Simply Health (HSA), WPA , Aviva and Health Shield.

Initial Treatment Plan

1 examination
12 treatments
1 re-examination

Usual price £445 – Package price £395*

*Terms and Condition apply.

Wellbeing Treatment Plan

12 treatments
1 re-examination

Usual price £430 – Package price £390*.

*Terms and Condition apply.

Chiropractic Treatment and FeesWhat should you expect during your first session?

The chiropractor will:

• Take a full case history in order to establish your general health.
• Gain your permission for physical examination involving orthopaedic tests and neurological screening.
• Assess your posture and misalignments.
• Refer you for x-ray if necessary.
• The Chiropractor will explain to you his/her findings and treat you accordingly.

The aim of chiropractic treatment is to re-educate your body to stay in its optimal alignment. Therefore, be prepared that one treatment might not bring long term benefits and further treatments may be suggested according to your condition, health status and age.

How might you feel after treatment?
There is a possibility that your body will react to treatment. Changing alignments of the bones can result in one feeling slightly lightheaded, tired or stiff. Please consult your chiropractor if you are concerned with the way you react.


Do I need chiropractic treatment?

How does chiropractic work?

What is a chiropractic adjustment?

Is chiropractic safe?

Can my GP refer me to a chiropractor?

Is the treatment painful?

How many treatments will I need?

Would I need an x-ray?

Is chiropractic good for pregnancy?

If you have more questions email us: [email protected]

*(AGJ Terret, ‘’Current Concepts in Vertebrobasilar Complications following Spinal Manipulation’’ NCMIC Group Inc, West Des Moines, Iowa, 2001)

*Terms: In the event of cancellation of the treatment plan, all treatments and examination costs up to that date  will be charged at the standard price.